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My new Black Appliances From

First, I just wanted to say how overwhelmed I was by the response on the kitchen remodel post! I'm so pleased so many of you seemed to like it and thank you all for the lovely comments!! If you haven't seen it yet, you can check that out here. I wanted to share a...

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Shop In the Spotlight: 17 Patterns Wallpaper

It's been a while since the last time I was absolutely blown away by a wallpaper collection. I love the odd pattern here and there from lots of different places and as a bit of a pattern obsessive, I'm surprisingly choosy with what I end up putting in my own home. But...

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Shop in the Spotlight: Urban Outfitters

Hey I'm back! Sorry about the radio silence last week - I came down with the most rotten cold and was just completely out of action for a few days. As a freelancer, I don't really get any paid sick leave (!) so I still had to get the writing I do for my clients done...

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Shop in the Spotlight: LOVEThESIGN

I came across Italian retailer, LOVEThESIGN recently and with a myriad of design-lead products in their range available in loads of different countries, I thought I really must share it with you. With over 200 brands and designers represented, there's plenty to choose...

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Shop in the Spotlight: Out There Interiors

Ya know how sometimes you come across a really cool online retailer and just think 'OH MY GOD CAN I PLEASE LIVE IN THIS WEBSITE?' Well, stumbling across Out There Interiors was for me this kind of experience. When they say 'out there' they really do mean that and with...

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Shop in the Spotlight: Sueno Boho Beds

I'm sure that years ago the only beds you could really buy were either made of wood or metal. The choice of an upholstered bed wasn't something I even knew existed to be honest with you and it seems that the upholstered kind only came back on the scene in the last 10...

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