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The Compromises We Made When We Bought Our House

Ahh compromise. It's one word we hear repeatedly when people talk about house-hunting. I swear Kirsty and Phil must say it at least 12 times in every single episode of Location, Location, Location. And it was something we were fully aware of - after a while, anyway -...

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My Boho Glam Black Bathroom Budget Refresh

I didn't know whether to call this post a 'before and after' or a 'refresh' or a 'makeover' because in my head, they are all slightly different things. I'm not sure I've really done enough to warrant a 'before and after' but I'd say it was more than just a refresh....

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How I’ve Styled Our Living Room (for now!)

As you probably know, we moved into our new (old!) home just over a week ago now and the first room I knew I wanted to tackle was the living room. In my experience, it's always good to have at least a couple of rooms sorted as quickly as possible when moving house -...

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First Look at the New House: Empty Room Tour & Layout

It’s been quiet around here the last week or so but if you’ve been following along our moving adventures, you’ll know that on Friday, 23rd March, we moved into our new home in Shrewsbury. Well, I say new. It’s actually 130 years old. But she’s new to us, having sold...

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3 Items I’m Eyeing Up for the New House

So by way of a little update - we have finally exchanged contracts and we have a new move date of the 23rd March - yep, that's next Friday! Can I get a HUZZAH!? I'm relieved and excited and a little bit stressed if I'm honest but ultimately, very very happy. I'm sick...

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Kitchen Design Planning: What’s Inspiring Me Right Now

At some point in the next few months, Wayne and I will be taking on our biggest project to date. For those waiting on news, nope, we haven't moved yet. We've had some major delays over the last couple of weeks and I can't pretend it hasn't been excruciatingly...

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Moving Diaries Part VI: An update on our move!

So, I'm absolutely gutted to say that, despite my announcement on Monday, we were not able to move today (Friday). I know there will be disappointment as you are waiting on me to share more of the new house but alas, the buying and selling system in this country is so...

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My Favourite Pieces I Got For My Home In 2017

So first of all, I must apologise for the radio silence around here for the last week. I was hit by a nasty bug that pretty much just wiped me out for the best part of a week. I'm still not well, mind you, but at least I am out of bed and mostly functioning like a...

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