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My fiddle leaf fig tree: Was it worth the money?

Back in March 2014, after probably a year of searching for some place in the UK to buy a fiddle leaf fig, I finally found a source. So excited I was by both my find and my subsequent purchase, I decided to share this discovery here on the blog. It ended up being one...

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My Living Room’s Summer Look

So I had something totally different planned for my post today but we've had a rare sunny day here and the sunlight was streaming into the living room and it just looked so nice I figured I'd take some pics and share with you how the room is looking right now. You may...

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Spring Refresh in the Living Room

*Or "How I fell out of love with turquoise and so decided to obliterate my house of it... sort of" Yeah that was probably too long for a post title. See, here's the thing - not unlike most restless 4 year olds, I get bored easily. Even if I love how a room looks at a...

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The Big Blank Wall in My Living Room is Filled! Whoop!

So a couple of months ago, I was contacted by Argos to see if they could work with me. I admit. I was hesitant at first. I mean, Argos is great for basics (you want some nice plastic containers for your lunch? Sure! A set of inexpensive white plates? Go for it! An air...

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