So first, let me just say this post isn’t sponsored in any way. I had heard that River Island was going to expand it’s offerings beyond fashion to create a home collection and to be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. But I’m always on the lookout for new places to pick up cute accessories and decor for my home and so it was with eager anticipation that I looked forward to yet another spot to pick up a bargain on the High Street.

The collection hasn’t disappointed. It’s clear the market for this is probably a slightly younger crowd than myself – after all, I don’t think their fashion is particularly aimed at Generation Xers but I don’t really pay much mind to stuff like that. I tend to buy what I like, no matter who it’s intended for. And whilst there might be a few things that wouldn’t quite work for my home, I was actually pleasantly surprised at the offering. There’s a lot of gold, a lot of pink and a lot of marble and agate and a few ceramic and glass pieces that are just right up my street.

So I figured I’d share a few bits I especially liked and what’s ended up in my wishlist as we go about our renovation and I breathe a bit new life into my rooms around here.

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River Island Home Favourites

tray / candle / trinket box / bookend / vase / pink candle holder / spotted leopard / bird cage / marble and brass candle / jewellery box

So let’s talk about a few of my choices…

River Island Home Collection

That tray would be the perfect practical embellishment for a vanity or bathroom. Fill it with your perfume bottles or use it to display your favourite jewellery in the former and your most precious lotions and potions in the latter. It’s a beautiful piece and in marble and brass looks far more expensive than it’s Β£45 price tag. Yes, it’s a bit more cash than some of the other items on here but I’ve seen similar going for nearly Β£100 and it’s the kind of thing you’ll find a million uses for.

I have no idea whether their own line candles are going to smell good or not but I have to admit, I’m swayed at times by a pretty candle design and this pink and gold one is just stunning. It’d make a fantastic Christmas gift (if any of my family and friends are reading, take note) because the packaging is so spot on and I’m told there will be a matching room diffuser as well. I was also intrigued by the large brass candle with the marble top. It’s a dead ringer for the Tom Dixon Eclectic candles which are always very pricey but at Β£15, you can get the same look for less than half the price! Bargain!

River Island Home Collection

The gorgeous vase is very reminiscent of the candles I have from Fornasetti with its black and white architecture motifs and I am very very tempted to purchase this one (can you ever have too many vases? Don’t answer that.). I just think it’s so striking, you wouldn’t even need to fill it at all – it’d be beautiful sitting on a tall shelf just as an accent piece. I’m also very tempted by that luscious pink candle holder which, again, I don’t need but I kind of just want.

I love a good little trinket box for styling as well (they look great placed on top of a stack of books or balancing out taller items in a vignette) and I’m particularly fond of a few of the ones River Island has. If you are going for a more vintage look, they have the ones that are embellished with a filigree pattern in two different sizes but if you want something more contemporary, then the one with the agate top is stunning too. They also have a larger version of that one with a perspex top to show off whatever you stash inside.

I could probably go on and on about my favourites but I’ll leave it there for now and encourage you to go to River Island’s Home Collection and have a bit of a rummage around yourself – they’ve even got some fab Christmas baubles if you’ve started planning your Christmas decor (unlike me who always seems to leave it to the last minute)! In the meantime, I’d love to know what you think of the new collection – is there anything you have your eye on? Let me know in the comments!

This is not a sponsored post – I just wanted to share! Affiliate links have been used throughout.

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