A few years ago, I decided I needed a bit more storage for both my dining room and my office. I decided to go vintage with each – mid-century modern to be exact – and in both cases, found exactly what I was looking for. Pieces that worked well for my requirements and worked nicely in the rooms they were placed. Since moving house a few months ago, however, I’ve fallen a bit out of love with both of them. Neither of them quite fit the look I am planning on going for those spaces and I no longer have the same storage requirements I did then. So, I’ve decided that since they are in good vintage condition, I’ll be selling them both and replacing them.

mid-century sideboard in dining room

But what to replace them with? At the moment, I would like something that gives me great storage but doesn’t feel visually heavy in the room. The teak finishes on them both are lovely but I’d like something that gives each room a feeling of space and lighter finishes will certainly do that for me. Of course, I didn’t just want a boring white gloss sideboard which, honestly, you can pick up anywhere – from cheap-as-chips Argos to total splurge Bo Concept. No, I wanted something pale but interesting; a bit of added detail or embellishment that elevates the piece into something a little more special.

West Elm sideboard

Considering I’ve been researching these for a couple of months now, I figured I’d share some of my favourite finds with you today. They range in price from £300 to over £3000 (and everything in between) so if you’ve been on the lookout for a white or pale sideboard, I’m sure you’ll find something you love in this list within your ideal price range.

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10 of the Best White Sideboards


From top to bottom: Maisons du Monde / West Elm / West Elm / Maisons du Monde / OKA / Dunelm / Andrew Martin / John Lewis / West Elm / OKA

Shall we chat about a couple of those on there? Sure, why not.

Dunelm Alexis sideboard

Let’s start with my budget buy – the Alexis from Dunelm. You may be surprised it ended up on my list but you know what I’m going to say, right? The price has been kept low because it comes flat packed. So before you put it all together, I’d suggest creating the metal frame it sits on with the legs and spray-painting that base gold. I think it’d add a lovely warm touch to this piece. Plus, the handleless textured doors give the piece a bit more impact than if they were just plain. I think it’s a brilliant piece for the price at £299.

Carved white sideboard from Maisons du Monde

If you are into the boho look, then you can’t go far wrong than with Maisons du Monde. I included two of their pieces because I couldn’t decide which I loved best but the detail in the Mannar is pretty damn exceptional. I adore the carved wood and think it would really be such an eye-catching piece in a room surrounded by plants and a Beni-inspired rug. The Izmar is a little simpler but would still give your room a bit of additional texture and pattern with its stud detail.

Audrey sideboard from west elm

I went a little crazy in terms of my choices from West Elm because they’ve got such a good selection. The Wood Tiled range is one I’ve loved for ages and their sideboard may be just the thing to add additional texture in my rooms without making it look like its taking up a lot of visual space. However, the Roar + Rabbit Jeweled Buffet is just stunning – those handles are killing me! And can we just have another look at that Audrey sideboard? It’s the perfect mix of glam and contemporary and the patterned doors and gold handles are so simple but so effective.

As for my final choices? Well, I haven’t quite decided yet! Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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