So we’re coming up soon on Mother’s Day and you might be thinking of ways to spoil your own mum, your grandmother, your best friend or even yourself (no judgement here). While I don’t really have much of a relationship with my own mother (long story, partially told in this post), I do have a very good relationship with Wayne’s mum. So when John Lewis got in touch to ask if I’d like to collaborate with them pulling together a little Mother’s Day gift package using their products, I thought I’d do so with my Mother-in-Law in mind!

Mothers Day Time to Relax Grandmother Gift Collection - perfect gifts this Mother's Day from John Lewis

Wayne’s mum, Marjorie, is a grandmother of three… well, actually, four if you want to count our dog Quito. In fact, Quito’s favourite person in the whole world (aside from us, of course) is Marjorie. He LOVES his “Grandma” and of course, she loves him too. If you say to him, ‘Where’s Grandma, Quito?’ he’ll go running around the house looking for her! When she’s here, he won’t leave her alone as though she’s only come to visit him (although sometimes I wonder if she has)! They are clearly crazy about each other.

Mothers Day Time to Relax Grandmother Gift Collection (2)

I chose all the gifts for Marjorie from their Mother’s Day Fabulous Grandmother Collection on the site. They have quite a few different collections they’ve put together, no matter who you are buying for. Marjorie is retired and has recently moved into a new flat so while her surroundings are a bit new to her, I thought she’d enjoy a few things that will make her new home feel comfortable and relaxed with a couple of gifts just made for the occasion.

Mothers Day Time to Relax Grandmother Gift Collection (5)

My first choice was this fantastic John Lewis Aston MK2 DAB/FM radio in a warm walnut colourway. She loves the BBC Radio 2 DriveTime show, listening to callers who are on the road, travelling for all sorts of reasons and the radio host, Simon Mayo is always entertaining. I thought with this little radio, she’d be able to listen wherever she liked in her home – whether she’s cooking herself dinner or just relaxing in her easy chair. Plus, it’s gorgeous retro design fits nicely with her more traditional style.

Mothers Day Time to Relax Grandmother Gift Collection (6)

I also chose a couple colourful butterfly mugs, perfect for a hot cup of tea (not too strong with a little milk and no sugar please). She loves the outdoors and nature and I knew she’d love the pretty design of the Harlequin Papilio collection.

Mothers Day Time to Relax Grandmother Gift Collection (14)

I also chose the matching glasses case as I’m sure every time she is at our home, she leaves hers at ours! Ha! This way, she’ll always have an extra on hand when she needs it.

Mothers Day Time to Relax Grandmother Gift Collection (7)

Some indulgent scented hand creams were my next choice. I loved the Harlequin Savannah design with little elephants on them. I thought she might appreciate having a few little bottles and this way, she could have some at home to indulge in a little pampering (whilst listening to the radio and sipping her tea!) as well as having extra to throw in her bag when she’s picking up my nieces from school.

Mothers Day Time to Relax Grandmother Gift Collection (3)

And finally, I loved the more traditional design of the Farrah’s Fudge which comes in a nostalgic tin and contains a wealth of the sweet buttery treats. Well, we all need to indulge our sweet tooth on occasion, right?

Mothers Day Time to Relax Grandmother Gift Collection lead

As Marjorie reads my blog and I knew it would spoil the surprise for her, I actually gave her little gift package from John Lewis a little early! She was thrilled with all the little bits she received, especially the radio!

Collection Buying Guide

So if you are looking for a nice selection of gifts for Mother’s Day, check out the selection at John Lewis. I so enjoyed pulling this little collection of treats together for my own Mother-in-Law and a big thanks to John Lewis for helping me treat Marjorie! I know she loved receiving them as well. Will you be indulging your Grandmother this Mother’s Day?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by John Lewis but all images, words and opinions are as always, my very own. I only work with companies I really like and think you’ll like too! (In fact, check out my video of all the gifts I treated myself to!) Thanks so much for supporting the brands that support Swoon Worthy! Check out all the bloggers who took part over on John Lewis.

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