A few months ago, I was contacted by Lee Morris, an artist from Great Malvern, Worcestershire who creates other-worldly illustrations and mixed media prints. His work immediately caught my eye, the soft watercolours and sketches had an airy quality that captured me but it was his Zodiac collection that I really loved.

Ya see, Wayne loves astronomy (not to be confused with astrology). He was just out last night with his binoculars to see if he could spot the Lyrid meteor shower and the months before he was chasing Comet Lovejoy across the sky. A couple of years ago, he invested in a small telescope and then graduated to a larger, stronger one about a year later. If there’s going to be a clear night sky and if there’s any chance of something interesting happening in the skies above us, there’s a good chance he’ll be outside in the freezing cold, neck straining to see if he can catch a glimpse.

Lee Morris Zodiac Print - Taurus

And while neither of us put any weight on astrology, I do love the idea of a grouping of celestial objects that were in the skies during your birth. And so, I decided I wanted to collaborate with Lee on this post because of Wayne’s love of celestial objects and because his birthday was coming up, I knew it’d be a perfect gift.

Lee Morris Zodiac Print - Aquarius

Alongside the 2015 Guide to the Night Sky, I presented him with two of Lee’s fantastic prints – one of Taurus, his birth sign and one of Aquarius, my own. Each print retails for £29.95.

Zodiac Prints - Taurus and Aquarius

Lee’s prints can be personalised with your name as well – I just chose not to on this occasion but it’s an option if it interests you to do so. I love how the soft colours fade into the night sky and the softly glowing stars are mapped out for you over silhouetted trees. They are quietly alluring in their simplicity and every star sign print is, of course, unique with the trees reflecting the time of year – Wayne’s print is full of blossom for Spring, my own winter birthday reflected with naked branches. It’s a nice touch, don’t you think?

Lee Morris Zodiac Print - TaurusThey come in either a standard A3 or A4 size and I chose the A4 size so they fit my black IKEA Ribba frames perfectly. As you can see, I have hung them in the alcove in my dining room. I love the play of blues in the prints with the bold royal of the walls. Plants are a must for me in any room so the prints being surrounded by nature just plays into that theme. Who says ‘blue and green should never been seen’ anyway? Silly rule, if you ask me.

*Please excuse my ugly plastic hanging planter – I’ve been meaning to DIY something for ages, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet!

Lee Morris Zodiac Prints - Swoon Worthy

It’s a fab gift if you have an astronomy lover in your life – whether you check your horoscope daily or not.

Lee Morris Zodiac Prints - Swoon Worthy

You can see all of Lee’s work here and his prints are incredibly reasonable in price – even those that are limited edition. Having art in your home that reflects the people that live within it is so important and Lee’s Zodiac Collection is just another way to do this.

What do you think of Lee’s prints and is there someone in your life that would love this too?


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post but did receive my two prints free of charge for my review. Of course, I only share things on Swoon Worthy that I love and think you might love too! Thanks for supporting the companies and people that continue to support my blog.


***In other news***

I just wanted to mention that a good friend of mine has just launched his very first Indiegogo campaign for a light he has designed. Inspired by human individuality, it’s quite contemporary, environmentally friendly and allows you to change the leaves to create any combination of colours you wish, creating something completely unique. Show him some support for the new LUMBIENT here.


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