Something for the Weekend – June 2016

What a mixed bag June has been, eh? Not just in terms of the weather (can you tell how Anglicised I am when I talk about the weather so much?) - sunny and hot one week and then raining and a bit on the chilly side the next - but also in terms of the general atmosphere...

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Something for the Weekend – May 2016

We're halfway through the year!! Oh my goodness, how does that happen? Well, it's nearly summer and I have to say, despite starting the month with the weirdest weather (wind, snow, sleet? what!), we have had a rather good month weather-wise as it's warmed up nicely...

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Something for the Weekend – April 2016

Apologies for the lack of post on Wednesday (honestly, does anyone even notice if I don't post 3 times a week? I'm kind of doubting it to be fair - ha!) - after coming back from Wales, I had quite a bit to catch up on this week and I just couldn't seem to get my brain...

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Something for the Weekend: March 2016

It's Friday! My goodness, what a crazy month it's been. Both Wayne and I have been sick twice in the last month and with that, it seems that everything just goes down the pan - we don't eat very well, we have no energy, the house goes to hell in a handbasket and my...

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Something for the Weekend: January 2016

Not sure how we're already at the end of January here - wasn't it only just Christmas?! And yet the new year is flying along and we're nearly into February. At least the days are starting to get that little bit longer and I'm not having to switch on all the lights in...

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Something for the Weekend – Sept 2015

September was a bit of a crazy whirlwind of a month for me! As you know, I went to Munich for Callwey Publishing's launch of the Wohnideen Aus Dem Wahren Leben book and their first Best of Interior Blogs Awards which was such a fantastic trip. It was made even better...

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