Sunday, 4 November 2012

Take A Seat: Announcement #2 (in which I talk, amongst other things, about my Living Room)

If you didn't read my previous blog post, you can get caught up on the action here.

Ya see, receiving a redundancy payment and having a job to go to means I have more spare cash than I ever normally do.  Like, seriously, I'm always broke.  Not that I'm terrible at managing my money (OK, that's a lie, I could be a whole lot better, let's be honest here), but I never seem to have enough.  That's probably most of us, right?  And believe me when I say and I will say it a million times that you definitely DON'T have to be loaded to have a beautiful house.  It's something I believe so strongly in.  I don't think that beautiful, carefully curated homes should be just a privilege of the wealthy.  And so many homes that I see on blogs and around the internet are testament to the fact that being careful with what you do have to spend and being patient and being creative and reusing and repurposing existing items can lead to some amazing interiors.

So I really feel the need to make that clear.  Right, got that?  Good.  Moving on then.

Now in my home, I have held back on a LOT of purchases simply because I didn't have the spare cash handy and couldn't justify at that time to click the 'buy' button or the 'bid now' button and I've walked away from some lovely pieces in shops for that reason alone.

With a few extra pennies floating around in my account however, I've decided I could finally splurge on a few things that I've been wanting for a long time now. 

And there's a bit more urgency to get those few things that I've wanted now because of my 2nd little announcement:

On Wednesday, I've got editors and a photographer from a very well known UK digital magazine coming to my house to shoot pictures for an upcoming issue.  OH MY GOD.

I'm thrilled, I'm flattered and quite frankly, I'm PANICKING.  For those that were hoping it was a pregnancy or wedding announcement, my apologies.  Well, the money couldn't have come at a better time because it's given me the chance to just go ahead and click that 'buy' button and get what I've been craving so the house is in a presentable condition for the shoot.  Happy Days.

First up was the logs which you've already seen.  I think they've really transformed the space and I have to say, every penny spent on them was totally worth it.

So today, I wanted to share my new living room seating.  I've been desperate for more seating in here since we moved in.

Despite what I've just said about spending a few quid these days, these cute vintage rattan hoop chairs were not at all a big splurge as I picked them up on eBay for a mere £45.  What can I say, I love a bargain.  I also love their natural colour and texture and their mid-century vibe.

I want to change out the little table for something else but I haven't yet found the perfect piece (a ceramic barrel stool is an option I'm considering but what I'd really love is something like this).

For now, a tray set on top with a cute colourful ginger jar and some accessories will do.

A top tip for ya here:  Round shapes in square rooms work really well - the more round shapes you introduce, the better because it makes the room look less angular and more relaxed.  The circular shape of these chairs really chills out what could be quite a 'stuffy' space and that makes me very happy.  If you notice, there are lots of round shapes in the room - the mirror, the coffee table, the logs, the organic shape of the rug - all round.  Too many angles makes a room look hard and uncomfortable.  This is a living room, I want it to be liveable.

But that's not the only new seating in the room.  I also did splurge a bit on my next piece because it was the absolute perfect size for the space.  Check out this lovely sunny gal.

Ain't she purty??  OK, yes, I obviously have a thing for yellow velvet.  I also think it works nicely with the olive green sofa and the maize yellow wallpaper.

I purchased it from Oliver Bonas.  It's called a 'Love Tub' - how stinking cute is that name?  You can fit two people on it at a push if they want to get cosy or two people who have extra small arses if they don't want to get cosy. Not me, I'm Puerto Rican after all and have the arse to prove it.  That means 7 people could actually sit in this room where we used to only have seating for 4.  Hurrah!  In your face Christmas!!

By the way, did you know Oliver Bonas sell furniture and home accessories? Rather cute stuff too, you should check it out. In fact, their 'Love Tub' comes in all kinds of gorgeous bright beautiful colours - I considered both the cerise and pale turquoise because they are all fab.  There's your second tip of the day.  Man, I am too good to you.

I might end up turning the cowhide rug around so that the little tub chair is sat more on the rug. 

The eagle eyed may have also noticed that I added a couple of framed prints either side of the colourful abstract canvas - they were what I used to have in my dressing room and are just wallpaper samples but I liked that both worked well with the colours in the print.

Why does everything look really crooked?  It's the weird angle/perspective.  I promise I use a level when I hang stuff.

So, now, my living room is almost complete.  The only thing left really are curtains which I haven't yet decided on and I'm waiting on a watercolour cushion that will replace the black/white striped one.  Oh and I treated myself to some new sconces so will share those items when I get them!  I realised the other day that I've had my current sconces for 14 years.  I kid you not.  Time for a change.

When we first moved in, the room was a lot more subdued but most of the shots of colour come from the accessories so they can be changed out pretty easily should I wish to in the future.

Here's a photo from a similar angle from January 2011.  As you can easily see, the colours were much more subdued.  Scroll up a bit to see the difference.  Pretty dramatic change, no?

Funny the way tastes change, isn't it? I think over the last 2 years, I noticed that the interiors I really responded to the most were bright and colourful and while I loved the soft cosy look of neutrals (and still do), what I wanted in my own home was to be surrounded by cheerful hues.  So little by little, I've lifted the room with accessories and furnishings that worked with the original room foundations.  And I'm so much happier with the result.

I love being in this room now.  In fact, it might now be my favourite room in the whole house (although saying that, my favourite room is usually the one I've just finished).

Have you found that your tastes have changed over time?  If so, how?  Have a favourite room in your home?  Prefer the neutral living room to the brightly coloured one?  Maybe you've had a magazine shoot in your home and can give me some tips?  Cuz I'm totally bricking it.  Talk to me.


  1. Firstly, congratulations on the job. You got so lucky - but SO DID THEY! It is SO exciting!
    The room looks a lot cosier now with the colour and the 'round' tip is so true.
    I moved into my first home more than 20 years ago now, so yes my taste has changed - although the underlying elements remain with me. I've always loved things from the 20s/30s and 50s and I like homes to be cosy and welcoming. No sterile, clinical, minimalist interiors for me. They sometimes look good in photos, but I couldn't live in them.

  2. how cute is that yellow velvet beauty?

    so excited for your upcoming shoot! magazine lovers are going to love your place and its unique fabulousness.

    enjoy the extra cash and the recognition you so deserve.



  3. What, what an honor! I would love to watch a photo shoot, to see how the stylists and photographers work. It will be interesting to see what they do to capture your space!

    By the way, the elephant stool is too cute. Have you searched online for "elephant stool"? I found a few products, some of which would be available to ship to the UK, and some not (this one is adorable, but only ships to Australia)

  4. Omg!!!!! Get it girl!! So proud of you!!! I can't even take it! You're photo shoot is going to be amaze balls!!

    xo. Patience

  5. Here here to color!!! Love your yellow addition. You are gonna rock that photo shoot. You are on a roll my friend!!! : So happy for you, you deserve it :)

  6. You are just completely rocking at life lately! Look at you!

    And look at this BEAUTIFUL ROOM. If that little yellow chair goes missing, I don't know anything about it...

  7. The loveseat- tubeling is beyond adorable! You have cultivated your home to reflect light- hearted elegance, sincerety, comfort and style. All your items are well thought of, the space seems and feels inviting and warm. I bet if I knew you in person, I would be claiming here that your home reflects you.
    Financially speaking, I sooo know what you are talking about. Basically everybody who comes to our place, automatically assumes that I´m loaded. AHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA! Yes! It would be nice! I can´t quite wait! However, our bling is accumulated with very little dough resorting more to awesome wits than deep pockets.
    Be prepared to the stylists to sweep over your place, bringing in some throws and pillows and buckets of fresh flowers.
    What exciting times these are to you! I´m so happy to watch by your awesome journey on high waves. Just take it all in because isn´t it all just so much fun!

  8. Okay, now I've read the whole post. You had me distracted with the elephant stools. We are so on the same page with balancing the angles of a room with curves. The room is coming together so nicely! As you may know, turquoise is my favorite color, and I love how you've peppered the room with turquoise. A little bit here, a little bit there. While the room certainly is a lot cheerier than it used to be, you do still have a good balance of bright and neutral.

  9. LOOOVE that yellow velvet. It is just so pretty, you know?

  10. Ahhhh so much pretty!!! LOVE that yellow velvet beauty, what a sweet love seat! It's perfect in your living room, as are the rattan chairs. Oh and yes to the logs too, they look stunning! Your living room is absolutely gorgeous, cannot wait to see it in Heart Home's next issue :)

    Meera xx

  11. Were did you find your olive green sofa?

    1. Its from the Handmade Sofa Company (bespoke but very reasonably priced) :)


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