Monday, 5 March 2012

On The Tiles: Using Pattern and Colour in the Bathroom

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With so many different styles of bathrooms saturating blog land, it's often difficult to try to decide what look you want to go for.  The single biggest issue for us in looking at a total refurb is obviously our budget.

Sure I would love to have something that's awe-inspiring but getting a really gorgeous look with only a small budget (and an even smaller bathroom) can prove challenging - everyone wants the 'wow' factor but how do you attain that without spending a small fortune?

There is a huge choice out there of well priced modern bathroom suites so the chances are, I'm hoping to get that wow factor with tiles, paint and accessories.  A little bit of eclectic style can go a very long way in the style stakes.

Take a look at this bathroom - the gorgeous floor tiles tie in beautifully with a gorgeous antique table and the unexpected addition of an oil painting (my practical side asks, 'Is that safe in a bathroom?!' but my impractical side says, 'ooooh pretty!!!') .  I love that they've mixed it with a very modern green acrylic stool.


And who can forget Bailey Quinn McCarthy's fun bathroom in her Chicago home?  The bathroom furniture is not crazy eclectic but the addition of those towels, that light fixture and that rather wonderfully bonkers wallpaper makes it a winner in my book.


This powder room combining bright light bathroom furniture and accessories with equally delicious bright aqua walls is just all sorts of wonderful.


Of course, in a bathroom with a tub and/or shower like mine, I'm a little scared of using wallpaper for fear it will only look great until condensation gets to it and then it turns to a bit of a mess.  So perhaps some beautiful tile would be better in a fabulous pattern.

Case in point... How beautiful is the Greek key mirror with that jaw-dropping blue tile?


Of course, why limit pattern to the walls or floor?  In this powder room, it looks as though they may have used a stencil to create a gorgeous gold patterned ceiling to amazing effect with black walls.  Yum yum.


So I'm a bit torn now after seeing these images because there's nothing fresher than a completely white bathroom but all of these images have used colour and pattern to up the style factor which I love.   Have you any favourites among these images?  Do you prefer a white modern space or a crazy eclectic one in the smallest room in the house?  Have you used colour and pattern in your bathroom?  Do share in the comments... 

P.S. I had a really LOVELY weekend catching up with mates whom I hadn't seen in far, far too long (more than 2 1/2 years - gasp!) at our mutual friend's gorgeous wedding down South.  I'm forever grateful to have the kind of friendships with these lovely folks that you can just pick up right where you left off, no matter how much time has passed.  Have you got friends like this?


  1. I read somewhere about protecting oil paintings with clear varnish spray? On the latest post of Manhatten Nest ( Not sure you'd want to do it to a Michaelangelo, but I guess it's worth a shot with a pretty non-valuable paint-by-numbers job!

    1. Oh very good idea! I love Manhatten Nest, it totally got my vote for the Homies :) x

  2. Love that wallpaper on the second one down! Coming from a seaside town, I have a real soft spot for a nautical bathroom.

  3. Pretty pretty bathrooms, I love them all! I know what you mean about the freshness of white rooms (just looking at them is relaxing), but I love colour, pattern and personality-filled spaces too much to ever have an all-white room.

    Lovely to hear about the wonderful time you had at the wedding! Having moved continents and cities, I have a few friends that I don't get to see often but when I do, it is exactly like the time apart hadn't happened! Friendships that survive distance and time are rare and wonderful!

    Happy new week, lovely!

    Meera xx

  4. I love love love that first bathroom! The painting just gives it the extra bit of personality. Look on the bright side, at least you're free to re-decorate as you want. Not really an option for poor London renters like me ;-)

    As for the friends: I have friends like that who I only see maybe once a year, but when we meet it's as if we left off yesterday, so I know exactly what you mean. They're the best friendships :-)

    Have a lovely day xo

  5. i love that blue tile too!!! i'll share some snaps soon of what i did to a little powder room. so glad you had a blast and the love fest.

    smiles and hugs, lovely lady.


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